6 Gorgeous L-Shaped Kitchens That Promise an Instant Upgrade


The kitchen is the heart of the home; it’s a place where we all come together to create memories of our favourite meals. It is the perfect place for family and friends to gather and share stories. A well-stocked pantry is essential for making delicious meals and memories. Choosing the right functionalities for your culinary space is the way to go about it. Here are 6 L-shaped small modular kitchen designs to look out for when investing in a Qarpentri kitchen. Ready? Let’s go!

Sunny Spot: An L Shape Small Modular Kitchen Design

This mango-finish L-shaped small modular kitchen is an ideal choice for adding vibrancy to your Indian home. It is chic in design, looks beautiful, and effortlessly brightens up the space. What we love about this kitchen is the added breakfast counter functionality, making it easy to serve meals on the go.

Small L-shaped modular kitchen with mango finish is perfect for adding vibrancy to Indian home decor

Very Berry: An L Shaped Small Modular Kitchen for Fun Homes

Why settle when you can stand out? This berry-finish L-shaped small modular kitchen boasts a lavish island, perfect for homes that love a good hosting station. The island doubles as a storage solution and also a dining space for a nuclear family. Perfect for larger homes with joint families, this modular kitchen is one you can count on for years to come.

An L-Shaped Small Modular Kitchen in Forest Green

Ever wondered what the perfect kitchen design looks like? This small modular kitchen in forest green finish is for homes making meals on the go. It is an efficient design equipped with a stove, refrigerator, and sink in the perfect golden triangle. Essential for busy homes, the work triangle is your BIG YES to a functional kitchen design.

A Small Modular Kitchen (L Shape) in Lime Green Finish

Simply adjusting with whatever little storage you get in your kitchens should now be a thing of the past. This L-shaped small-size modular kitchen design with a lime green finish boasts a hearty storage space with its overhead cabinets. Let your base cabinet hold cutlery, oils, spices and condiments. Your overhead cabinets can be additional storage space for pots and pans, pantry space for spare food items or even daily essentials kept within arm’s reach.

Neutral Knacks: An L Shaped Small Modular Kitchen in White

Sometimes, all you need is a Nordic space in white, aesthetically resembling Scandinavian interior finishes. The white illuminates the space in this L-shaped small modular kitchen, where the entire aesthetic is sleek, clean, and minimalist. What we love about this kitchen space is the wooden flooring, which is truly a show-stopper and promises an instant upgrade!

Small L-shaped kitchen design in white, inspired by Scandinavian interiors

A Classic L Shaped Small Modular Kitchen Design in Natural Teak

When all fails, we can come back to the classics. And by classics, we mean bringing old-world charm with a natural teak finish to your kitchen. This L-shaped small modular kitchen is perfectly adorned with a natural teak finish. It adds to the aesthetics of the space, brings a vintage charm, and is rustic in style. Add to it the dining area, and it simply calls for perfection.

We love these kitchen designs, do you?

Don’t let budget constraints shy you away from the kitchen of your dreams. At Qarpentri, affordability is the way to go, and with our L-shaped modular kitchen designs, you are off to a great start. Check out our modular kitchens today, and while you are at it, do check out our FAQs section to learn more:

  1. What are the advantages of an L-shaped small modular kitchen design?

An L-shaped small modular kitchen design is beneficial for multiple reasons. They offer an efficient use of space and functionality. The L shape helps maximise corner spaces (often underutilised) and extends the countertops and cabinets. They create a natural work triangle and offer better flow and work efficiency in the kitchen. The L-shape is versatile; it fits well into both small and larger-sized kitchen designs and can easily support additions—for instance, a dining area, breakfast counter or simply a kitchen island. 

  1. How can I make the most of limited space in an L-shaped small modular kitchen?

To maximise the limited space in an L-shaped small modular kitchen, you need to plan strategically while making smart use of every inch available. Start by using vertical space—install wall-mounted cabinets to offer extra storage. Integrate pull-out drawers and lazy Susan turntables in corner cabinets to help with hard-to-reach areas. Opt for scaled-down / multi-functional appliances to free up countertop space.

  1. What are some popular materials for constructing L-shaped small modular kitchens?

Popular designs for L-shaped small modular kitchens combine aesthetics with functionality. Laminate is a common choice because of its durability, affordability and variety of finishes that mimic wood or stone. Quartz and granite offer a transitional and premium look for countertops, while stainless steel suits the clean quality and modern look. 

For cabinetry, high-gloss laminate-coated MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is popular for its smooth finish and easy maintenance. Mirrored backsplash or cabinet doors can create a light and airy feel in the kitchen. Choosing the right materials can make a kitchen last longer and easier to maintain, which is important for a high-traffic area.

  1. How can I incorporate appliances effectively in an L-shaped small modular kitchen?

Effectively installing appliances in a small L-shaped modular kitchen requires careful planning to keep operations running and maximise space. Installing larger appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and sinks reduces movement to a more efficient working square and ensures efficiency. 

Choose a combination of appliances that can be installed in the cabinet for a seamless appearance, saving space. Traditional appliances such as dishwashers and flat or compact refrigerators are also well suited for small spaces. Also, consider placing appliances in convenient locations that are easily accessible but do not interfere with the movement of the kitchen.

  1. What are some creative storage solutions for L-shaped small modular kitchens?

Creative storage solutions are essential for organisation and accessibility in small L-shaped modular kitchens. Alternative methods such as pull-outs, corner drawers, and vertical spice racks can significantly increase storage efficiency. Installing overhead cabinets that lead to the ceiling makes use of unused open space. 

Under-sink drawers and throw-kick drawers create additional storage space for less-used items. Additionally, magnetic strips for hanging knives and other metal tools and racks for hanging pots and pans can make cabinet space easy to access. This solution can greatly improve the efficiency and organisation of a small kitchen.

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