Small Open Kitchen Designs Perfect for Homes on a Budget!


Transform your compact home with innovative small open kitchen designs that maximise space and style.

Making the most of a smaller space can be a challenge, especially when designing the heart of the home—the kitchen. A small open kitchen design offers a perfect solution, blending functionality and style. In this blog, we will explore various open kitchen designs for small houses, helping you create a modern, efficient, and beautiful kitchen.

Kitchen and Living Area Combo

A kitchen-living room combo small design combines the kitchen and living room into one multifunctional space. Use furniture and decor to separate the areas while keeping a unified look. A small sofa or sectional can define the living area, while a kitchen island or bar can mark the kitchen space. Use rugs, lighting, and colour schemes to create distinct zones. This design is perfect for entertaining, allowing guests to mingle and interact seamlessly. Incorporate storage solutions like built-in cabinets and shelves to keep the space tidy and organised.

Small house with open-concept kitchen and living room separated by furniture and decor

Open Kitchen Design for Small Spaces

An open kitchen design for small spaces makes the space feel larger. This design removes walls and barriers, creating an open area by reducing the demarcations between the kitchen and the living room. You can interact with family and guests while cooking, making the kitchen the heart of the home. The small house open concept kitchen and living room plan also allows for better light flow, making both areas feel brighter and more welcoming.

Small Space Small Open Kitchen Design Ideas

In a small space with a small open kitchen design, every inch is important. Open shelving can feel more accessible, and everyday essentials can be easily reached. Consider a small open kitchen with hall design to clearly define the kitchen space while keeping it open. Use multi-purpose furniture like a kitchen island that doubles as a dining table. Foldable or stackable chairs can save space when not in use. Using mirrors or glass elements can also make the area feel larger and brighter.

Small space, small open kitchen design featuring open shelving and green cabinets, seen from the dining space

Open Concept Small L-Shaped Kitchen

An open-concept, small, L-shaped kitchen best uses limited space. This design provides plenty of counter space and storage, making it perfect for apartment living. The L-shape allows for efficient workflow, with everything within easy reach. You can add open shelves above the counters for extra storage. This design can also include a breakfast bar (not pictured), providing a casual dining area and additional workspace. Use under-cabinet lighting to brighten the area and create a cosy ambience.

L-shaped small open kitchen includes open shelving and beige-finished cabinets

Modern Small Open Kitchen Design

A modern, small, open kitchen design uses clean lines and simple styles. To keep your kitchen neat, use sleek cabinets, built-in appliances, and smart storage. Light colours and shiny surfaces can make the space more inviting. Stainless steel appliances, glossy countertops, and minimalistic decor create a modern look. Integrating smart home technology, like touchless faucets and smart lighting, adds convenience and efficiency to the kitchen.

Stylish Open Kitchen Design for Small Spaces

Don't let a small size limit your kitchen's style. Look for very small open-plan kitchen living room ideas that use unique features like colourful backsplashes, special lighting, and stylish bar stools to add personality. You can mix and match materials like wood, metal, and glass for a chic look. Consider using bold colours for accent walls or cabinets to make a statement. Adding plants or greenery can make the room come alive. Use artwork, decorative items, and unique fixtures to reflect your taste and style.

Open-concept small U-shaped kitchen with brown cabinets and a dining area includes a table and chairs

Designing a small open kitchen is about using space wisely while keeping it stylish. Use smart storage and modern designs, and blend the kitchen with the living area to make your small kitchen feel larger. Whether you choose a small open kitchen with hall design or a kitchen living room combo (small), you can create a functional and beautiful space. Remember, the key is keeping the area organised, using light colours, and incorporating your style to make the kitchen the heart of your home. Talk to our Qarpentri experts for more doable budget ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are some key principles to follow when designing a small open kitchen?

Use light colours, open shelves, and built-in appliances to make the kitchen feel bigger. Keep the design simple and functional. Focus on maximising storage and ensuring a smooth flow between the kitchen and living areas.

  1. Are there any specific design trends for small open kitchens that I should consider?

Trends include minimalist designs, multifunctional furniture, integrated appliances, and natural materials. Open shelves and colourful backsplashes are also popular. To create a sustainable kitchen, consider using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances.

  1. What are some space-saving storage solutions for small open kitchens?

Use pull-out pantries, corner drawers, magnetic knife strips, and hanging pot racks. Tall cabinets and open shelves help keep the kitchen organised. Consider installing pull-out cutting boards, hidden spice racks, and under-sink organisers to make the most of every inch of space.

  1. How can I incorporate seating options in a small open kitchen without sacrificing space?

Using bar stools with a kitchen island or a built-in bench along a wall also looks good. These options provide seating without taking up too much space. Foldable or stackable chairs can also be a good choice for small kitchens. Consider a small dining table with drop leaves that can be extended when needed and folded away when not in use.

  1. What are the must-have kitchen appliances for a small open kitchen?

Essential appliances include a compact refrigerator, a multifunctional oven, a slim dishwasher, and a built-in microwave. Choose versatile appliances that fit the layout. Look for gadgets that offer multiple functions, like a microwave-convection oven combo, to save space and increase functionality.

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