6 Modern Wardrobe Designs To Have on Your Radar Now


Make merry with these stunning modern wardrobe designs that add a pop of colour to your space with added functionality.

Everyone loves an inviting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing modern space. Tiny elements, colours, and decor changes in your home can play a huge role in bridging the gap between contemporary design and your dream home. While a host of modular interiors can uplift your space, the wardrobe in your master bedroom can make or break your style guide. But fret not; we have you covered. Here are six stylish, modern wardrobe designs perfected to achieve finesse in your home without the hassle. Get inspired!

A 2-door Modern Wardrobe Design With His & Her Corners 

Creating separate storage solutions can be a hassle, with two kids sharing a single space. However, this uber-cool 2-door modern wardrobe design effectively separates his section from hers, offering your little ones their share of space. It also has additional loft storage for storing infrequently used items, old clothes, toys, and more. Perfectly modern, isn't it?


2-door modern wardrobe design for kids with additional loft storage

Modern Wardrobe With a Mirror 

Ever needed a wardrobe design with ample width, equipped with a mirror for a makeshift dresser, and capable of housing all your clothes, accessories, and other dressing paraphernalia? This modern wardrobe, featuring a mirror as a dressing area, is perfect if compact vertical solutions are your ultimate goal. It's stylish and comes in a dual combination finish of berry lush and light wood, making this unit a must-have for nuclear families battling compact apartments.


Modern wardrobe design featuring a mirror as a dressing area

A Colourful Two-coloured Sunmica Design for Wardrobe

This kids' bedroom is a fancy space with pops of modern designs and contemporary interiors. If you are aiming for a similar vibe, choose a stylish dual-colour wardrobe. The mango and green-shaded sunmica design is an excellent choice. It has ample storage space for two, providing room for your jewellery, helping organise your outfits, offering great box shelves, and helping compartmentalise your items.


Two-coloured sunmica modern wardrobe design for a contemporary look

Modern Wardrobe With TV Unit and Additional Storage 

For master bedrooms that love a touch of entertainment, a dedicated screen space comes in handy. This gorgeous yellow wardrobe design is a multifunctional unit housing a TV unit with a storage cabinet in the middle and loft storage from one end to another. It is the perfect space maximiser.


Modern wardrobe design with TV unit and additional storage

Modern Wooden Wardrobe With a Window Bay Seating

Who doesn't love extra seating spaces that are personalised and intimate to your needs? This stunning modern wooden wardrobe extends into a window bay seating and includes additional storage with loft cabinets. Customise the wardrobe by eliminating the loft if extra room is not a priority. This unit features a gorgeous sliding door mechanism and open box shelves with backlighting, making it the ultimate design ace for your home.


Modern wooden wardrobe design with a window bay seating

Modern Sliding Wardrobe Design With Sectionals

And last but not least, this gorgeous green modern sliding wardrobe design is the perfect addition to your home. It is sleek, adds a hint of colour, and complements a happy home with its bright green accent finishes. You can happily pair this design with a blush pink wall or a complementary colour. Use the furnishings and side tables as decor elements if you want. 

Modern sliding wardrobe design with sectionals in green colour

Your cupboard can be more than just a storage solution; it can be a statement piece that truly reflects your taste and style. The six modern wardrobe designs above offer a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality to enhance your interior design. They are versatile and cater to specific needs in various homes, customised to the T for your comfort. Whether it's a thoughtful window-bay seat, a dressing mirror, or an additional TV unit, these modern wardrobe designs help elevate your room into a haven of comfort and creativity.

FAQs On Modern Wardrobe Designs

How can I make my wardrobe look more modern?
To achieve a modern look for your wardrobe:

  • Consider incorporating elements from the latest modern wardrobe designs.
  • Opt for a sleek and stylish 2-door wardrobe, or explore the appeal of a modern l-shape wardrobe design.
  • Enhance the modern aesthetic with trendy finishes such as acrylic or glass. You can also elevate the design by including handles.

What are the popular materials used in modern wardrobe construction?
Modern wardrobes often utilise various materials to achieve both style and durability. Some popular choices include contemporary finishes like acrylic, glass, and PVC.

How can I maximise storage space in a modern wardrobe?
Maximising storage space in a modern wardrobe involves considering innovative designs. Look for wardrobes that come with built-in features like a dressing table. Additionally, explore options like an interior modern wardrobe design that cleverly incorporates extra storage compartments, ensuring efficient use of space.

Are modern wardrobes suitable for small spaces?
Absolutely! Modern wardrobes are designed with versatility in mind, making them ideal for small spaces. Consider a 2-door design or a space-saving sliding cabinet. The adaptability of materials like PVC, as seen in a modern PVC wardrobe design, allows flexibility to fit seamlessly into smaller rooms.

What are the trending colours and finishes for modern wardrobes?
Stay on trend by choosing colours and finishes that are currently popular. Berry lush or light wood finishes are great choices. A modern wardrobe with a mirror or a modern wardrobe with a study table design in these contemporary colour schemes can enhance the overall aesthetics of your living space.

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